Politics is polarizing and over the past year has become exhausting, which is probably why we haven’t seen a single post on Parkland. (Let me know if I missed it) The school shooting has turned into a debate on gun rights.

Two of the adult victims- geography teacher and assistant coach- have been heralded as heroes putting themselves in harms way to save their students. DH and I talked about them shortly after the shooting. We don’t know if we would be so selfless if that meant we would not come home to our child or to each other. I suggested maybe they didn’t know they were in that much danger, but then you hear the footage of the spray of bullets. Then you hear witness accounts of seeing the shooter. Their life was in danger and they made a choice to be heroes.

Well one teacher doesn’t want to be a hero and her open letter is linked below. For me that is a compelling reason to make our schools safer. Think about it schools are overwhelmingly comprised of children and yet 3 of the 17 victims were adults.


What does everyone else feel about this?