DS started a new playschool this Fall (he was enrolled in the camp this summer). I really like his main teacher- she is very warm and kind and amazing about keeping me in the loop and working with me on having our speech therapist come to school. The issue is one of the assistant teachers. She is SO negative.

I have noticed this when I've been in class (the school is co-op, so I help out 1 morning/month)- she was complaining (to me? to the other assistant? to the air?) that one of the kids is "too big for the classroom" and they should call his mom because he's "having a day". While this child is pretty tall AND very mature, and there are kids who just turned 2 so they are physically a lot smaller, he was being totally fine and normal. Also, at pickup last week she started giving me the report of DS's day and made it sound like he had a bad day...but it was really because she had to change his diaper right before pickup (3/4 of the kids aren't potty trained and this is part of why they have 2 assistants).

The bigger issue is the stuff the assistant says to the speech therapist/stuff the speech therapist sees, such as telling the speech therapist that DS has "no physical boundaries" (which neither of us have ever noticed) and today not letting the kids touch the bubblewand then getting angry when DS got upset, as well as yelling at another kid who needed their diaper changed and telling them "they better not sit down!"

I already feel like the school is being super accommodating to us, but I don't know what I should do. She's an assistant teacher, so it's not a huge deal, but it still annoys me. When DS is away from me, I look to the people he's with to give me a report on his behavior to see if there's anything else we need to help him with besides speech, so hearing this negativity and then (maybe? but I think I do) having to take everything with many grains of salt is exasperating. I have been making a point to speak directly to his main teacher at pickup, but this assistant sometimes makes a point to come by and tell me something "bad". The teacher and the speech therapist communicate, both in person and over email; it's not the assistant's place to speak to her, I don't think.

Sorry for the novel- WWYD?