I just realized DD only has 8 more days with her preschool teacher who we love so much. If there are any preschool or elementary school teachers out there, what would you suggest as a gift? What are some of the most meaningful parting gifts you’ve received or what have you appreciated the most? We will definitely be writing a heartfelt card (I’m seriously going to cry when I write it—I’m not sad at all about DD going to K but will really miss her caregivers) but also want to get something for her. She and DD seem to have a special bond and other teachers there have even commented to us about how they’re buddies. I also want to do something for the aides. They rotate through the rooms so DD has been with some of them for 2 years now. She will go to aftercare twice per week there (different caregivers) and DD2 will continue to go there if that makes any difference. TIA!