My 3yo DD starts preschool on Tuesday. I'm so, so excited for her, she's going to love it. I'm also pretty excited about the preschool itself. It's newish (opened in March right before the pandemic shut everything down), but the teacher has been doing preschool for decades.

Here's my problem: I asked in late July if they have a school calendar, or even a September calendar, for any events they might be having. The teacher said they were still working on it. I need it so I can request any special days off from work, or communicate it in the case of things like Grandparents day (which she specifically said they were doing in September). I asked again last week (twice via email; the second was a followup to the first after no response) and while I got a response that addressed my other questions, the calendar question was still not answered. I emailed again yesterday (a week after the last email exchange), no response yet. Most of the email was a thank you for hosting a kid-friendly open house that my DD loved, with the calendar question thrown in at the end (yes, I totally forgot to ask when I was there in person).

My work is being so intense about PTO right now, but I also know I can be really, really type A about this kind of thing. Am I being an obnoxious parent if I ask again, either via text or email? I feel like a calendar isn't something ridiculous to expect, but I also don't want to be labeled "that parent" before school even starts (tbf though I might already be).

ETA: Each email ends specifically stating that if there will be no events due to the pandemic, that's totally fine. We're in a state with very low numbers (for now), and when we spoke in July I was clear that I was just looking for a general guideline, I know the pandemic is crazy and unpredictable. I just want to be able to have placeholder requests in at work (they don't mind me giving back days off, but they don't take kindly to short notice requests).