DD (3) started preschool this week; her first day was... bad. The teacher called her a "tornado of destruction", said she didn't listen, and asked us to stagger our start time for now so we miss circle time, as she spent the first day screaming through the whole thing. I was slightly devastated after the report back from the first day, as it was just... bad.

Her other 2 days this week have been less destructive (thank goodness!), but her teacher brought up that she thinks there might be some hearing impairment, as she doesn't respond at all when they say her name and seems to struggle with listening ("If it's selective hearing, she should get the Oscar now because it doesn't look like it even registers"). When I mentioned it to my mom and a friend who has watched her before, they both said "Oh I'd wondered before if she could hear me but figured it was just selective hearing". We have a dr's appointment for her in about a week, but that will likely result in a referral to an ENT vs. giving us any answers.

She also has a very slight speech delay (not enough to need intervention; she's on the back end of the normal scale), which could be indicative of a hearing issue, and struggles with conversation (she doesn't really converse yet, still just parrots). She responds really well at home, listens to directions... I'll say "1 2 3, eyes on me" if I can't get her to look at me when I'm giving an instruction, and that works reliably. If given a choice, she'll make one (it's not always the last thing stated), and she's quick to tell us what she needs or wants. She's very social, loves to play with others, is fine with eye contact, and is very strong-willed and busy. Struggles with some impulse control but is learning and trying hard.

Does anyone have any experience with their LO having hearing impairment? Or has a similar experience to what I've described? I'm not discounting any possibility, we just want to help her succeed.