My DD turned 15m yesterday, and I'm concerned about her speech/expressive language. Her receptive language is pretty obviously on track (she listens to instructions, responds to her name/commands, etc).

However, the only real word that she says at this point is "Dada". We think she sometimes says Kitty and Mama, but those are few and far between. She's also not a kid that does great being prompted to say something (it's been the running joke for about 3 months that when you ask her to say "Mama" she'll smile and say "Dada"). She didn't start pointing at things until the last month. She does wave, shake her head no, and clap when she's pleased with herself (or anytime someone says good job).

My husband is a SAHD and is not a chatty person AT ALL. Additionally, I'm not especially chatty in the mornings before work when I'm spending lots of time with her (not a morning person, but I'm trying). As such, I'm not sure if it's a legitimate speech delay that needs professional attention, or if it's just that we need to make a bigger effort to talk to her.

She's also soundly in the "mover" category if you subscribe to the mover vs. talker thought process (has been walking since 10m, is now scaling couches regularly).

What were your kids doing with speech at 15m?

ETA that she does babble quite a bit, just no real words in the babbling. Also, if I'm being fully transparent, some of my worry is that she has a cousin that's about 6 weeks older than her that has a pretty large bank of words (and has for a while). I don't want to compare them, because everyone is different, but it's so hard not to worry!