My preschooler was crying the other day, and the kindergartner told that she should only cry if she is [physically] hurt. I asked her where she got this idea, and she said her teacher says it at school when kids cry.

We talked about it more, and I explained that we cry for many reasons, sometimes because of physical pain, sometimes emotional pain, sadness, etc. I said that was fine, and she reiterated "but my teacher said..." to which I answered, "your teacher can say what she likes, but that's not how it's going to work here in our home and for our family."

Would you now let it go? Does this warrant a talk with the teacher? I spoke to another parent who had a similar story, so this is not an isolated incident, this seems to be something she tells the kids. So I cannot imagine that talk going well. This seems like a pretty big deal to me, but I understand she's also in a classroom environment and needs to be able to prioritize accordingly. Is there a teaching or parenting philosophy she's using with this kind of mindset, and I should just throw this in the everyone is different category?