Oof so sorry for all the recent questions. This place just seems to give more sound advice.

Since 27 weeks I've been super emotional. Some background though ...I am bipolor and back on my meds. I am seeing a therapist and I'm seeing my psychiatrist soon. I'm doing play in that area. However I don't feel like this is anything to do with that...I hope. I'm mostly weepy. I cry so easily. Be it stressful things to happy things like looking at a cute baby onesie. Idk if this is normal. It was NOT like this in my other pregnancies.

I'm also super insecure and that makes the wanting to cry worse. I dont feel attractive when I'm pregnant. It's my 3rd pregnancy and I have stretch marks, extra skin and feel huge. Not magical or beautiful at all. I keep thinking my husband will leave me cause I'm so big and "fat" I wasnt thin before so it's just worse. He has never gave me any cause to doubt him and he is amazing and I love him and I know he loves me. We have a great marriage. I'm just almost paranoid and that's so not like me. I control it pretty good but some days I just want to cry.

Does this sound like normal 3rd trimester hormones or should I be more concerned? I'm just worried it's my mental illness.