Hello fellow Bees!

New girl here. I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant (due around November 29th) with a baby boy and I find myself suddenly hitting my limits - physically, emotionally, and pretty much every which way. Overall I think I've been lucky. This will be my first baby and the entire pregnancy has gone so smoothly up until now (with the exception of my recent positive Group B Strep results - annoying!) But out of nowhere it's recently hit me... I'm SO pregnant. I've got the full-blown penguin waddle going on and walking up the stairs feels like ascending Everest. And as the girl who spent the last few months bragging "not a single stretch mark yet!" - I've recently discovered a fresh crop of purple beauties spreading under my enormous belly. It's somehow all hitting me at once - the heart burn, the insomnia, the anxiety, etc. Needless to say, I've had some free time on my hands to wander around the internet at 3 am. I've been binge-reading all of the food and drink myths regarding natural ways to encourage spontaneous labor. For the most part, a lot of these crazy recipes seem like questionable magical potions and borderline witchcraft. And hey, to each their own! Just not my style. But I can definitely get on board with sipping some red raspberry leaf tea and snacking on some dates. Although has anyone actually tasted a date lately? I hadn't. Those suckers are MUCH sweeter than I remembered. So rather than popping them solo, I went on a hunt for a solid date recipe. Apart from wrapping them in delicious bacon, I'm convinced this is the next best thing:


I made it last night and it's heavenly. Admittedly, I opted not to make the ooey gooey sauce to accompany it and I have no regrets. This stuff is delicious on its own and it feels pretty festively fall-ish, too. Just wanted to pass this gem along to any of you in the same boat. The Let's Get This Show On The Road-Boat!

Happy Weekend,
xx StellaJane