I was just diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma (SCH) this week. I'm just about 19 weeks pregnant and I have been bleeding daily for 3 weeks. My OB was concerned due to the length of time I've been bleeding and because I'm getting farther along in my pregnancy and it hasn't resolved yet (she said bleeding after 20 weeks is more worrisome than bleeding before 20 weeks). She also made me worried by explaining the full range of scenarios that could occur- from miscarriage, to early delivery (even mentioning that babies are viable at 24 weeks but 28 weeks is better), to it resolving itself or not causing any more issues and delivering full term. So now I'm worried, but I don't know how worried I should be. A lot of the posts I'm finding online are about SCH's that resolve prior to 20 weeks. Does anyone have any experience with SCH's and bleeding after 20 weeks?