Hi ladies,

I've posted before about the slightly crazy beginning to my current (second) pregnancy and I really appreciate all of your support, and until last night, when I hit 14 weeks, I had a very happily uneventful pregnancy.

Warning: TMI. Last night I went to the bathroom before bed and was shocked when there was dark brown blood on the tissue and in the toilet. The good thing was that it was dark brown. I told DH and called me dr office. Fortunately, the wonderful doc who saw me at 4 and 6 weeks with unexplained bleeding was on call. She said to wait to go to the ER until the am or go now if it was really bad. Of course, their office is closed to day so I had to go to the ER to get checked - plus I am o neg so needed rhogam. There was nothing more than faint brown/spotting whenever I went to the bathroom after that so I went to sleep.

This morning there was the same larger amt of blood so I got my toddler and husband (told him I'd keep him updated but not to come wait with me) off to school and work and went to the ER. They were lovely and so nice when I was crying and scared.

So far, I'm cautiously optimistic after the ER doc sat down and went over everything with me. Baby looks absolutely fine, super wiggly and hard to get pics of him/her. They did a super long ultrasound and found no problems with baby/ovaries/placenta/uterus etc. And none of the blood tests came back abnormal either. Oh and I should mention both OB and ER doc said that the risk of mc was so low now they just didn't even consider it. But until the spotting goes away, I just can't rest easy.

So I'll get in to see my doc tomorrow, but my question is, anyone else have something similar? I thought with second trimester arriving I'd be in the clear, but apparently not!