Hi everyone! I just wanted to post an update in the hopes that it can help other ladies down the line can benefit from reading about my experience (http://boards.hellobee.com/topic/so-frustrating-and-scary-bleeding-at-14-weeks). And thank all of the wonderful bees that made me feel better, of course!

I went to see the maternal-fetal medicine doc on Wednesday morning. They did a hi-res ultrasound which DH loved because he got to see so much on the screen, the baby was moving like crazy and even did a headstand!

Afterwards, the MFM went over the results with us and said it was a subchorionic hemorrhage, which is what I expected based on other ladies' experiences and my general experience/symptoms. DH was immediately like, ok how to we fix it. She explained more in detail about what an SCH is, how they don't really know how they happen, that there isn't a fix, just monitoring and rest, etc. Mine is only 3cm so she was very optimistic that it would be absorbed or at least stay the same when she saw me again in 3 weeks.

She actually started out the conversation by saying how healthy the baby is and asking how big DD was at birth. When I said 8lb 5oz she said, well you can definitely expect an 8-9lber! LOL, well I'm glad that it won't be my first baby, that's for sure! This kiddo is growing like a weed.

DH is definitely worried because there isn't a "cure" and he is concerned about risks for the baby and bleeding. The doc was very clear she just wants to check to make sure it's shrinking/stayed the same in a couple weeks, and I keep reminding him of that, but he's made me promise to be very careful about picking up DD, etc. While I can't allay his fears, I think only time will, at least I'm well cared for

Oh and we found out gender, 90% sure it's a BOY!