I would love any recommendations of where to live near Seattle-Tacoma. We are a military family and heading to Fort Lewis early this summer. If all goes well, I’m due mid-August with our first kiddo. DH is late 30s and I just turned 40. I don’t think we want cookie cutter suburbia - we like having neighbors but like our space. DH will want space to tinker/build (large garage and not a basement space) and I’d like a good sized backyard for our pup since she’s been stuck in a small stairwell with no individual outdoor space in Europe for two years. I think we are flexible on most things. We aren’t outdoors people but do like space to spread out. We’ll be there three years so park spaces might be nice to take a little toddler to might be nice (and isn’t something I’ve had to think about before).

Thanks so much for any feedback. We have plenty of time but I’m a planner so starting to narrow down some areas to start searching is so appreciated!