DS is 3.5 and suffers from seasonal allergies. We took him to the allergist last Fall after a particularly tough summer of discomfort in his ears and mouth (which ENT said means an itchy throat and ears) and he's allergic to some types of pollen. We were prescribed nasal spray and the doctor kind of threw up his hands like, "that's life!".

Today at Camp the teacher said DS had his fingers in his ears, and was rubbing his gums, chewing anything he could (including trying to use the teacher's finger to poke back in his mouth to scratch- the new Director was like HE BIT HER and the teacher was like, no he clearly was uncomfortable and wanted help scratching. SO that's a whole other annoyance.). He also has a few HUGE bug bites and little red bumps on his cheeks and chest which are from allergies. Any suggestions on what to do for him? Am going to start Allegra tonight but any other tips?