I can't believe there's already a 2013 board! the past year went so fast. last year TODAY I told my husband I was pregnant! ahh!

anyway, thought it would be fun to catch up. I know there are still 9/12 mamas hanging around here, maybe we can get a big old thread going!


LO's name: Olivia
Due Date: 9/25 based on LMP, 9/27 by O
DOB: 9/27, 9:27pm
Age: 16 weeks thursday! (3.5 months?)

Recent milestones: rolled front to back at 11 weeks, doesn't seem interested in back to front. laughs out loud, chatters away, grabs at and eats everything! she will sit without support on my lap but obviously NOT on the floor. hah!

About me: still EBFing! proud of myself, because I was not sure I'd be able to/want to breastfeed in the first place.


I think she's starting to teethe! I know most babies don't this early and that drool is NOT the only indicator of teething, but I had two teeth by her age so it's not entirely out of the question. Ah! Also battling her first cold right now, and it's just so miserable. Doctor said if she doesn't improve by tomorrow we need to go in to have her checked for an ear infection