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September 2018 Moms!

  1. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4668 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: My Mom stayed with us the first two weeks, that was a big help. My MIL is coming out next week for a few days, this will be helpful too.

    I have to keep reminding myself that soon enough he will start sleeping in longer stretches. I think he's got a bit of DS1's cold. He sounds alstuffy and sleep last night was crap.

  2. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 652 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: I agree it feels a little easier the second time around. My toddler is definitely more work than the newborn at this point!

    We are getting closer to 3 hour stretches at night but I probably just jinxed it DH was home for the first 2 weeks then my Dad and Mom have taken turns staying with us. Monday will be the first day I have to get DS #1 off to school on my own.

    Looking forward to establishing a routine though. And ready to be done with houseguests. I appreciate the help but it also feels like more work at times.

  3. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1345 posts

    Just got a 5.5 hour stretch of sleep! 😁 Hope everyone else is getting some rest!

  4. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4668 posts

    @crazydoglady: woohoo! That is awesome.

    We got a 5 hour stretch last night starting at 7:30.

    @Bluemasonjar: Help is nice but it is nice to get a routine going. The older one is definitely more work.

  5. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4668 posts

    So far for naps it has been rnp in the living room. Today he was tired and not going to sleep. I took him upstairs and swaddles him and put him in his crib in our room. He had a good 45 min nap. This made me pretty happy. DS1 was pretty much impossible to get him to nap in his crib as a baby.

    What is everyone doing for naps?

  6. muffinsmuffins

    kiwi / 513 posts

    @ALV91711: we attempt the basinette in our room most of the time but during the day it’s super hit and miss. He usually gets one nap of 1-2 hrs in there and the rest of the time we hold him or in the carrier or out on a walk. It’s super annoying to get him down and 5 mins later he’s awake! Super annoying phase.

    We have gotten a couple 3 hr stretches at night but mornings between 4 and 6 am are so crappy. He’s gassy and fussy and sleeps short stretches. Anyone else? I remember that from DS2 as well...

    Does anyone have their baby in their own room in a crib or any plans for moving them? It seems early but we moved DS1 to his own room at 6 weeks somehow. Baby’s room is right across the hall so I feel ok but it feels like we are breaking a rule or something for considering it..

  7. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 652 posts

    @ALV91711: DS naps in a variety of places - RNP, bouncy seat, swing, car seat/stroller. He was spoiled this week and was held during most of his naps by his Grandma and Uncle

    @muffinsmuffins: somewhere around 3-4 am is our awake/fussy time. Usually we get 2-3 hour stretches of sleep but that is his longest awake time over night. We moved my first DS to his crib in his room around 11 weeks. I think we will do it earlier this time. It’s just down the hall and I feel more comfortable now but will wait until he is sleeping a little longer and more reliably.

    My goal for this week is to add in a pumping session each day to start building a milk stash. Not sure where to fit it into our routine yet.

  8. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4668 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: During the week it seems like he finally goes to sleep for a nap and then 10 minutes later we are leaving to take DS1 to school or pick him up. He usually wakes between 5-6am and will only sleep more if he's held, so I just hold him and doze off until DS1 wakes up and then we all go downstairs.

    @Bluemasonjar: I want to start pumping once a day as well but have no clue when I will! I already feel like there isn't enough time between feedings. Tonight DH tried to feed him a bottle before bed for the first time but he just wouldn't drink. Hopefully it won't be too hard to get him to take a bottle.

    We haven't talked about when we will move him to his own room. I want him to be having good stretches first so I don't have to walk down the hall too much at night. DS1 didn't get moved until almost 7 months but Owen is too noisy a sleeper to go that long.


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