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  1. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4891 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: My Mom stayed with us the first two weeks, that was a big help. My MIL is coming out next week for a few days, this will be helpful too.

    I have to keep reminding myself that soon enough he will start sleeping in longer stretches. I think he's got a bit of DS1's cold. He sounds alstuffy and sleep last night was crap.

  2. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: I agree it feels a little easier the second time around. My toddler is definitely more work than the newborn at this point!

    We are getting closer to 3 hour stretches at night but I probably just jinxed it DH was home for the first 2 weeks then my Dad and Mom have taken turns staying with us. Monday will be the first day I have to get DS #1 off to school on my own.

    Looking forward to establishing a routine though. And ready to be done with houseguests. I appreciate the help but it also feels like more work at times.

  3. crazydoglady

    pear / 1539 posts

    Just got a 5.5 hour stretch of sleep! 😁 Hope everyone else is getting some rest!

  4. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4891 posts

    @crazydoglady: woohoo! That is awesome.

    We got a 5 hour stretch last night starting at 7:30.

    @Bluemasonjar: Help is nice but it is nice to get a routine going. The older one is definitely more work.

  5. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4891 posts

    So far for naps it has been rnp in the living room. Today he was tired and not going to sleep. I took him upstairs and swaddles him and put him in his crib in our room. He had a good 45 min nap. This made me pretty happy. DS1 was pretty much impossible to get him to nap in his crib as a baby.

    What is everyone doing for naps?

  6. muffinsmuffins

    kiwi / 662 posts

    @ALV91711: we attempt the basinette in our room most of the time but during the day it’s super hit and miss. He usually gets one nap of 1-2 hrs in there and the rest of the time we hold him or in the carrier or out on a walk. It’s super annoying to get him down and 5 mins later he’s awake! Super annoying phase.

    We have gotten a couple 3 hr stretches at night but mornings between 4 and 6 am are so crappy. He’s gassy and fussy and sleeps short stretches. Anyone else? I remember that from DS2 as well...

    Does anyone have their baby in their own room in a crib or any plans for moving them? It seems early but we moved DS1 to his own room at 6 weeks somehow. Baby’s room is right across the hall so I feel ok but it feels like we are breaking a rule or something for considering it..

  7. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @ALV91711: DS naps in a variety of places - RNP, bouncy seat, swing, car seat/stroller. He was spoiled this week and was held during most of his naps by his Grandma and Uncle

    @muffinsmuffins: somewhere around 3-4 am is our awake/fussy time. Usually we get 2-3 hour stretches of sleep but that is his longest awake time over night. We moved my first DS to his crib in his room around 11 weeks. I think we will do it earlier this time. It’s just down the hall and I feel more comfortable now but will wait until he is sleeping a little longer and more reliably.

    My goal for this week is to add in a pumping session each day to start building a milk stash. Not sure where to fit it into our routine yet.

  8. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4891 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: During the week it seems like he finally goes to sleep for a nap and then 10 minutes later we are leaving to take DS1 to school or pick him up. He usually wakes between 5-6am and will only sleep more if he's held, so I just hold him and doze off until DS1 wakes up and then we all go downstairs.

    @Bluemasonjar: I want to start pumping once a day as well but have no clue when I will! I already feel like there isn't enough time between feedings. Tonight DH tried to feed him a bottle before bed for the first time but he just wouldn't drink. Hopefully it won't be too hard to get him to take a bottle.

    We haven't talked about when we will move him to his own room. I want him to be having good stretches first so I don't have to walk down the hall too much at night. DS1 didn't get moved until almost 7 months but Owen is too noisy a sleeper to go that long.

  9. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4891 posts

    Took our little chunk to his 2 month check up today. How are we at 2 months? He weighs 12lbs 6oz! Growing and healthy.

    We have a different ped for this guy and we don't have to go back until 6 months. Seems like such a long time and was weird to be talking solids today. We do have to go see the health nurses for shots, so he'll still be checked out.

  10. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 702 posts

    How is everyone doing??

    The time change effected our overnight feeding schedule but it has been otherwise consistent. Daytime is still all over the place with a long awake period in the evening right when I am trying to put our toddler to bed which complicates things as the baby just wants to ge held.

    DH has done some traveling so I’ve gotten a taste of managing both boys on my own.

  11. muffinsmuffins

    kiwi / 662 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: was just thinking of this group so thanks for bumping! It’s hard juggling both kids alone for sure. I’m glad our older is 4 and can be pretty independent but we’ve also been guilty of using the iPad more than usual. Bedtime is divide and conquer for us as thankfully I’m home from work every night and off Fridays this year. I can’t imagine dealing with both for long periods so sorry you’re having to do that. Our days are all over as well. Cat naps and no rhyme or reason to anything.

    We seem to have gotten an ok night routine where I give him a bottle around 9 and he usually sleeps til 2, sometimes even 3! Then usually up at 5, 6, 7 poor DW. He just hit 2 months old yesterday and we get his vaccines tomorrow so hope that goes well

    For those with more than one kid, how is your older behaving? Jealousy? Loving? DS1 has been really good so I’m kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop! Betting when baby is more mobile and into stuff, it won’t be as easy!

  12. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4891 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: The time change really didn't affect anything since feedings and skeep are all over the place. We had a couple good nights with only 3 wakings in 11 hours and the last two nights it felt like we were up a hundred times. Evenings are hard as baby is awake and fussy all through dinner and getting DS1 for bed. He is tired and ready for bed about the same time which is fine when DH is home but hard when he works late.

    @muffinsmuffins: DS is 5.5 and so loving, sometimes almost too much! I have noticed that he wants us to do more with him lately. That is awesome that you have Fridays off.

    DH works for himself and his schedule is all over the place. Today we had freezing rain so he ended his day early to take DS to kindergarten and pick him up. That was awesome.

    I can't remember but when do they start to get more into a schedule for naps etc?

  13. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4891 posts

    Wish us luck we went from swaddle last night to sleep sack tonight. Been 3 hours since nursing and about 2 since he went to sleep.

    He's always trying to bust out of his swaddle and usually has one or both arms out. Last night he was completely out at one wake up so we figured tonight we'd switch.

    DS1 only lasted in the swaddle for about a month, so this guy did pretty good.

  14. muffinsmuffins

    kiwi / 662 posts

    @ALV91711: we just did the same 2 days ago! Same thing, just kept busting out and he loves sucking on his hands and actually put himself to sleep a couple times by doing that so we don’t want to discourage (though I’d rather him use a paci than hands...) I put him down with nothing the other night thinking he would wake right away and he continued sleeping for an hour so we were like screw it, let’s try no swaddle! How did your night go? We got almost the same sleep with the sleep sack so I think we will stick to it. So much less hassle trying to get it tight enough or trying to put him in it when he fell asleep elsewhere. DS1 was swaddled til he rolled over so I felt weird not doing it with baby, but I think they are just different kids...glad to hear we aren’t the only non swaddle people!

    I feel like we are on the same page because we were looking at schedules yesterday too! And basically I don’t know haha how is your babe for naps during the day? We are still in cat nap phase big time, usually 45 mins on the dot no matter what we do. Mostly we would like a better evening routine...DW didn’t let him sleep past 7 last night so I did bottle at 8 ish, he fell asleep and i put him down at 830, woke just after 9 and had to rock/sway/shush twice but he fell asleep again at 10-1am. It’s just hard to know!

  15. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4891 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: that is great that he was able to sleep without the swaddle. We have a hand sucker here too. He did pretty good with no swaddle. A couple 3 hour stretches, which is good for him. 4am-7am were horrible but this is more because he is stuffed up and was passing a lot of gas. It was nice not having to listen to him grunt trying to free his arms!

    Naps are all over the place. Usually he eats and is awake a bit. By an hour max he is ready to nap but is hard to get to sleep. By the time he's asleep he's awake in about an hour or less to eat. We usually get three naps but ideally would get four. He needs another short one around late afternoon dinner. We get him ready for bed at 6:30pm and then I take him up to nurse and rock. It usually is about an hour and he's in bed for the night. He's in bed 11-12 hours and wakes 3+ times a night.

    I'd really like more of a daytime schedule but I think we are a ways from that yet. He napped great out in the cold on Sunday when we were at a Remembrance Day ceremony, slept for 2.5 hours!

  16. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 702 posts

    Has anyone else hit the 4 month sleep regression?? I think it is a cruel joke by nature that my infant went from sleeping 6-8 hours a night to waking up every 2-3 hours again.
    I am exhausted and dreading starting back to work on Monday on so little regular sleep.

    I did start packing up my new pump bag as I’m planning to keep 1 pump in my car for work (I travel to client offices) and 1 at home. I struggled to pump enough for my first DS which was stressful. Going to try to give myself some grace this time and be open to supplementing sooner if needed.

  17. muffinsmuffins

    kiwi / 662 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: ugh we are just coming up on 4 months old and I’m bracing myself for this nonsense! We had a few off nights with multiple wake ups out of nowhere over the holidays including last night: up for an hour 2-3am, 4 am for a bit and then 7 am. Naps have been crap literally forever but the last few days more like 20-30 mins instead of the usual 45 which makes us feel like we just try to get him to nap all day long. We’ve given up on trying to extend them. Good luck with back to work and hopefully babe gets past this for you soon! Fingers crossed for us all.

  18. crazydoglady

    pear / 1539 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: @muffinsmuffins: YES! She was sleeping through the night and now wakes up every 2-3 hours. #allthecoffee

  19. crazydoglady

    pear / 1539 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: I feel the same way. When I went back to work, I had tons of milk and only had to pump once a day. I haven't even made a dent in what I need. If I have to supplement, it's cool.

    Is Monday your first official day back? Thinking all kinds of happy thoughts for you!

  20. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @crazydoglady: Yep Monday is my first day back I was able to get a little more time off with the holidays which I am very thankful for just sad it is ending.

    Spending today wrapping up my to do list around the house and snuggling DS.

  21. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4891 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: Yes, he hit it at about 3.5 months, so about a good solid 3 weeks now. I need all the coffee to survive. He had been doing 2-3 wake ups in 12 hours and now it is like 2-3 hours and after about 3am really hard to get him back in his crib.

    We are going to start some sleep training next week after his 4 month shots.

    @muffinsmuffins: I was just thinking today that a majority of my time is spent putting him to bed. He’s been doing 4 1 hour naps but that will probably change with Christmas break ending and having to do school runs again.

    @Bluemasonjar: Good luck with back to work. Hope this sleep regression ends soon for you.


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