This weekend DH and I had 2 different baby showers and I could not resist sharing the one thrown for us by my sister and girlfriends! Pic heavy, but seriously I was AMAZED and floored by the decor, our friends and family, and all the LOVE! Hope you don't mind if I sort of brag about how awesome it was and how my girlfriends are the crazy best!

It was a "star" theme and I will for sure be re-using some of the decor in the nursery! No detail was too small - from the Star-shaped cookie cutter favors (in the gold cage) to the golden edible stars on the cupcakes! I was so impressed!

Note: It was a co-ed shower with about 80 people coming and going over the span of 9 hours! lol! To say I was exhausted afterwards is a mild understatement!

I really think co-ed showers are so much fun! The guys all participated in the games, making them much more interesting and lively! The top game hits included: "bobbing for nipples", "beer in a bottle", and "dress the baby!"
Everyone also went to town and had fun decorating onesies - I must have at least 2 dozen hand-painted creations now!

We were really lucky to get a lot of things from our registries!
Not too many clothes, and not one single "I Love Daddy, Daddy's Princess, etc." About a dozen shoes though! And 5 packs of A&A blankets! Our friends know me quite well! lol!

Of the non-registry item gifts we received, these were some of my favorites:
- A personalized Etsy Passport Holder for our future world traveler!
- A gorgeously plush Little Giraffe blanket.
- And this beautiful Janie & Jack outfit!

I really was overwhelmed this weekend by all the love we were surrounded by. #myheartoverfloweth

Thanks for letting me share!