How do you feel about your childcare providers “stealing” kisses?

We do not force LO to hug or kiss anyone. We even ask him for kisses or hugs before we do it. After too much prodding by family (at Thanksgiving) DH and I stepped in and told them to back off. However, I feel like I have let my LO down because I have not done the same thing with one of his daycare teachers in his new classroom. When LO doesn’t comply with a good bye kiss she steals one and he’s clearly not happy about it.

Do I just need to woman up and tell her it’s okay for him not to give a kiss or hug AND she should not force it? Or is this something I should bring up the director (there’s a team so one of them) and have them handle?

Just thinking about why I haven’t said anything already makes me feel like an ass, but the teacher intimidates me. She’s a little rough around the edges, “playfully” teases the kids, and clearly comes from the school that children should blindly obey adults. I love that she is affectionate with LO, but I just want him to have more say over when it happens.