Question for you all - when you see someone wearing a top or dress with ruching in the waistline/hip area, do you immediately think "maternity clothes"? Or is this an acceptable style feature for moms who are no longer pregnant/immediately postpartum.

Admittedly, I'm talking about leftover maternity clothes (a few tankini tops, namely, as well as a maxi dress and one top I LOVE) that I like and would be happy to continue wearing....if it isn't going to make people either think I'm (a) pregnant again or (b) too lazy/slovenly to dress myself in clothes that fit. The tankinis are pretty slim (not much extra fabric at all), so I don't think they scream maternity - I think they're actually really flattering for taking my kids to the pool - but IDK...

If it makes a difference, I'm petite (a size 2-4) and in pretty good shape, but I'm not as tight/muscular as I used to be, particularly in the hips/thighs/tummy - so I feel like I could use a little camouflage, but I'm also worried about ruching grabbing onto my no-longer-washboard abs and creating an imaginary baby bump...eek! Not sure if being slender helps or hurts my cause in wanting to look discreet (ie not have a bare belly/skin tight clothes) but also not look preggo.