Hi !
I'm a long time reader, but new member. I have a nearly 11 month old, and I'm down to about 15 lb above my pre-pregnancy weight. Before pregnancy I was an 8 or 10 in jeans with an hourglass shape, and my favorite jeans were Lucky or Gap skinny jeans .

Now I'm kind of a smushy hourglass with a belly, maybe even an apple shape and still wearing maternity jeans or regular leggings. I'm working really hard on toning and exercising but I just can't get rid of this belly (I'm also still nursing and had a c section which I've heard could be the reason this is so hard!). Anyway - my maternity jeans are pretty loose now, and I want to wear real pants again. Any idea of where to look for jeans?! I'm depressed even thinking about going shopping.
My measurements just don't fit into any size in any sizing charts I've seen

Here are my measurements:
waist: 33"
belly: 37"
hips: 40"
thigh: 22.5"