Hello HB. I need your immediate attention to this VERY important matter.

During our move I LOST a pair of jeans. I cannot tell you how, but I currently own 1 pair of jeans and they are falling apart. It's been troubling me and I can finally go and grab a second pair. lol

Preface: I am a shorty, petite, like skinnies and low rise fits. But am open to suggestion.

These are the stores I have access to during my 1 hour lunch break, which I am going to race over to, but I need a plan!


Banana Republic (do they even sell jeans?)

There are a few other women's stores, but honestly, I have not ever found anything in any of the others for my body type. PLEASE HELP!

What kind of jeans are in fashion right now? What colour? What fit? I have no idea how to dress myself.