We just had our 18 week anatomy scan this morning and they found that I have a single umbilical artery. There were no other abnormalities - heart / kidneys / brain all looked good. We did the NT scan and associated bloodwork at 12 weeks and it came back normal, so really its just the SUA right now. It was with a MFM doctor since I had really high blood pressure in my last pregnancy.

The doctor said we could opt to do an amnio if we wanted (and she actually pushed for an amnio at my 12 week screen and said they are "the norm" now which I totally don't believe!)

Right now the plan is to just go back for another US at 28 weeks and then monitor growth every few weeks after that.

I found some older posts on this in the boards but wondering if anyone else has been through this recently and what you decided to do / how things turned out for you?