I’m pretty sure my kids are addicted to sugar. Breakfast is often something sugary (granola bar, pancake, waffle)and they appear to believe they have an inalienable right to something sweet after school. I don’t know if the actual amount of sugar they have is excessive (it probably is), but the bad behavior that is tied to it tells me it’s a problem.

So....I need advice on 1) how to get rid of the sugar in the house (we hadn’t gone through the Halloween candy, then Christmas came, then valentines, then Easter, it never ends) without being a monster and throwing it all out in a fit of rage 2) how to swap out the sugary breakfasts for healthier ones that a working parent can handle and the sugar monsters will accept 3) how to effectively replace after school snacks with healthy ones (suprising them with a bouquet of celery sticks isn’t going to work).