Whenever I read meal/food threads on here, it seems like my fellow HBers eat pretty healthy for the most part. I am not quite so good at healthy eating! I drink tons of water, eat fruits and veggies and try to stay semi-active but I have a serious soft spot for...SUGAR!!! As in, I can't stop eating it. There's always cake or cookies or candy at work enticing me and I end up having something sweet several times a day. Does anyone have any logical, non-judgmental ideas/advice/opinions on how much sugar is too much? Am I okay if I incorporate other healthy stuff into my diet? Are you a sugar fiend also? From everything I've read online, it doesn't look like eating sugar directly correlates with GD, and my normal weight as well as pregnancy weight gain are normal by all charts and according to my doctor. So I hate to freak out for nothing, but I want a healthy baby of course!