I have to go in for my three hour test tomorrow (failed the one hour with a 154/8.5 so middle of the road failure).

I'm pretty bummed -- I passed last pregnancy but have been eating like crap with the holidays which I'm sure doesn't help!

Two questions: if you failed the one hour and passed the 3 -- what was your failing test number? I know there is no exact correlation just curious.

If you have / had a gestational diabetes diagnosis were you allowed to go late with your pregnancy? My son was induced 10 days late and I was REALLY hoping for spontaneous labor. My induction wasn't bad (pretty smooth actually), but I would like to early labor at home vs. on my back in a hospital fiddling with heart rate monitors. This with all the extra appointments is what would bum me out the most. I can't imagine baby 2.0 coming on time (I think I'm a slow cooker), but I was hoping for spontaneous labor before another induction.