Just looking for some inspiration!
My dd is 8 months old, and the first grandchild. My mother wants to be called Nana. However, my grandmother (her mother) is also called Nana.

This isn't really a problem, in fact its actually tradition (I'll want to be called Nana when that time comes) however, it gets confusing with two Nana's!

My nana doesn't want to be Great Nana or Big Nana. She was thinking she would use the first initial of her last name, so she'll be "Nana X" and my mom will just be Nana. But I don't think of her as 'Nana X', because she remarried while I was in college so to me she is 'Nana Z'!

Anyways, I was just looking to see if anyone had a good solution for a word to add to Nana....