E is 21 mo and has always been a pretty good sleeper. Right now he goes 630am - 630pm and a 2-3 hour afternoon nap. Our nighttime and nap routines are the same and last about 10min.
That being said, this is ONLY when he is in his crib in his own room. When we travel he really struggles. The hardest part is he is so used to having his own room, he has never been able to sleep in the same room as us. This is super annoying when traveling. Especially when we have to stay in hotels. So far we have bought two adjoining rooms.

My husband was nervous to co sleep when E was a baby but now that he is older we would love to sleep with him especially when traveling.

Has anyone taught their LO to co sleep? I don't know even where to start!! He was feeling sick last month and I tried it and he was so confused and didn't want to lay down for long. Help!