Okay...this may be long so I apologize in advance. DS is 18 months and has been STTN since he started walking at 9mos. He usually sleeps about 10hrs a night, somewhere between 7:30/8pm-5:30/6am and takes a 1.5-2hr nap each day around noon. He hasn't had an issue falling asleep or putting himself back to sleep since he started STTN. He has all of his teeth except for his 2yr molars.

Starting last Monday, he has been waking up in the middle of the night, crying out "no, no, no" "mama, dada" and standing in his crib. We tried letting him cry, as that usually works after a minute or two, but it's not working. He was awake for 3 and 4 hours two separate nights last week and only went back to sleep when we laid with him on the floor. The second we walk into the room and say "lay down, it's time for sleep", he will, and will fall back asleep so long as we remain in the room. If we try to leave before he falls back asleep, the cycle repeats itself....hence the 4 hours of being awake the other night.

So Bees, help a mama out. I am pregnant and exhausted as it is, and this night waking business is not helping my sanity. Any suggestions or similar experiences? Is this some crazy sleep regression or do we need to sleep train? Thanks!!