My 3 year old is waking multiple times at night. It started about two months ago but I cant take it anymore!

He sleeps with my older son (6) in a trundle bed and slept just fine until recently. He wakes up around 11 PM and comes into our room asking for his blanket. We take him back to his room, put his blanket on and go back to our room. Around 3 AM he wakes up again and at 4 AM again. He is up at 6 AM for the day and wakes his brother up.

He takes one nap from 1:30-3:00 PM. We start our bedtime routine around 7 PM (books, songs, hugs and kisses). Once we put him to bed, he takes a while to settle down delaying bedtime by saying he is hot, cold, wants water, etc. He ends up going to bed by 8:30 PM.

I feel that he is not getting enough sleep with the multiple wakeups at night and early wakeups in the morning and could also be affecting his brother's sleep. They have a sound machine and an ok to wake clock.

I've never had any issues with sleep with his brother, but this one is more needy and clingy.

Any suggestions?? Help!