We’ve having issues with our almost three-year-old DD and am looking for some advice. She has always been my more difficult child and was never a great sleeper, but things have taken a turn for the worse.

After we put her down at bedtime (around 7:30), she plays quietly for about an hour in her room and then things start ramping up. She cries, carries on, makes requests (diaper change, more milk, a tissue, etc.) and generally does not want to go to sleep. If we go upstairs to attend to her, she screams bloody murder when we leave her room and will. Not. Stop. We sleep trained her as a baby, but it seems to have “worn off” if that’s a thing. We’ve tried ignoring her, but she cries and screams for what feels like forever—and I’m trying not to disturb my older child in the process. Last night, after “putting her to bed” at 7:30, she didn’t actually fall asleep until 10:30. We’ve tried encouraging naps, removing naps, punishment—even staying in her room with her, which doesn’t work because she gets excited and just wants to play.

Another issue—related or not. She’s constantly complaining about her diaper, that it’s not comfortable. She pulls at it, sticks her hand “down there,” doesn’t want to wear pants, etc. There’s no redness or urination pain—just discomfort. We have been trying to potty train her, but she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. I spoke to the ped and they seemed to be at a loss, too.

I’ve been a lurker on these boards forever, and now I’m exhausted and in desperate need of help. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated!