I know the infertility board isn't active at the moment, but I'm at a loss on what to do next.

I conceived our first pregnancy naturally, but we ended up having a tfmr as the baby was not healthy. We then struggled to conceive again (unexplained infertility) and did multiple failed IUIs followed by one IVF cycle which resulted in 10 embryos. Our almost 3 year old daughter is from that batch of embryos so I figured when we wanted to try for a sibling it would be simple and work quickly. Unfortunately I've now had 3 failed FETs while trying for a sibling. If anyone has any experience with something like this I'd love to know what you did next or would suggest. I'm devastated and worried we won't be able to grow our family.

As of now I'm thinking we should test our remaining 5 embryos even though it gets me nervous to thaw them to test them and then refreeze and then thaw again for transfer if any are healthy. I'm also going to ask to do an ERA. I did an endometrial biopsy to check for endometritis/infection back in Feb and that was all clear so I didn't see the need for an ERA since I've has a successful pregnancy with the standard timing. I really don't want to do another egg retrieval. Any other suggestions or advice on what to do next? I'm at a loss as this has been totally unexpected.

Here's my IVF history:
1 egg retrieval resulted in 10 embryos
Fresh transfer - chemical
FET - 3 year old daughter
FET - chemical
FET - chemical
FET - negative