I've seen a2 milk in our grocery store recently and it claims that it's easier for digestion. Does anyone have experience with it for a kid who is sensitive to dairy? Do you feel like they've tolerated a2 milk any differently from "regular" milk?

My three year old had classic MSPI symptoms as a baby and seemingly still hasn't outgrown the dairy sensitivity. I'd hoped by almost three and a half that we'd be past this, but no luck so far. At this stage, whenever we try dairy again - even in very small doses - it usually ends in some kind of upset tummy and constipation. We've found keeping her on a dairy-free diet has worked out well. However, recently she's been helping herself to her little sister's (regular) milk cups. I probably just need to do a better job of making sure the right kid has the right cup at any given time...but I'm curious if offering little sister a2 milk might be a better option in case my older one gets a hold of it.

Any a2 milk drinkers out there who could weigh in if you feel like it's different from other milk?