Last Tuesday, I called the director of DS's daycare and had a long chat with her about my concerns, mainly the chaotic nature of the classroom and the fact that I saw both of his teachers on their cell phones with a room full of kids being ignored.

She was understanding and made me feel like she would address this, but I feel like things aren't getting any better. DS has been hitting his friends a lot, which I witnessed first hand unfortunately, but of course he's not the only one. On Friday they had a sub from anotehr room for one of teachers who told me at the end of the day that my son's behavor was fine, no hitting at all. I can't help but wonder, does she have better control of the class than the regular teachers?

On Monday there was another sub from the infant room and she greeted my son while the other regular teacher sat at a table prepping an activity while the kids did free play with no interaction from her. Today at drop off the same teacher was filling out daily sheets while the chaos unfolded around her. The main teacher was back, but the room was full of kids crying, screaming, hitting, throwing toys, and my son was clinging to me and crying.

This isn't normal, right? I just feel so awful having left him in this environment. I toured another center yesterday to explore my options and while it may not be the right fit, the director there said all the things I'm seeing would NOT be allowed under her watch.