If anyone has any words of wisdom or recommendations, I'd greatly appreciate it!

My DS is almost 5 months. He's consistently had issues with eczema, frequent spit-ups, and frequent very liquid stools. The pediatrician has ruled out reflux and since he's gaining weight really well, she's not concerned. She okayed eliminating things from my diet to rule out food sensitivities. I'm coming up on 3 weeks with no dairy, and his eczema seems a lot better, in fact it's almost gone. Yay! But he still has frequent, very loose stools and tons of spit-up. I figured by 5 months he would have grown out of this but doesn't seem like it. He's exclusively breastfed.

I keep feeling guilty because I had to take 2 rounds of antibiotics before he was a month old, one for an infection and one for dental surgery. I'm wondering if that affected his digestive health. The pediatrician has okayed probiotics, but I don't know what's a good brand for babies. I'm wondering if this sounds like a good idea from your experiences, and if so if there's a specific probiotic you'd recommend.

Thank you!