So my mother in law is kind enough to watch my baby two days a week. I reiterated to her over and over that the baby should only sleep in the swing buckled, or in her arms. NEVER on the couch. (We have a friend whose baby died after rolling over on the couch after being swaddled and lain on side by the grandmother. She knows this incident too!!!!)

Ok. So while our three-year old was downstairs being watched by a friend of ours, my mother in law went upstairs to nap the baby , who is 5.5 months old. She only sleeps in rock and play, in snugabunny swing, or in someone's arms (while we are awake). I'm hyper vigilant with this.
I never
Fall asleep next to her for fear of rolling over her or not catching HER roll over. She is used to incline sleeping too so never had rolled over on a bed asleep.
So she said she put the baby on the bed intending to watch her and didn't want to pick her up and wake her. And before she knew it, she fell asleep too.

Cue internal alarms.

I am on the Phone at work, and didn't know how to react, and also first day back so had to get off the phone quickly.

But I know this is not ok. I just don't know how to handle it? I printed out a SIDS brochure :

Option 1:
do I discuss it tonight and give tonight? I don't want to be too naggy and sour her, especially after she's doing us a favor.
Option two:
Give it to her and discuss NEXT time she wAtches the baby? That way it's also fresh in her mind ? And am totally printing these guidelines and taping them upstairs too!

Ugh I can't function now 😱😱 (eta: post partum anxiety )