Hi all! With my first, I was generally lucky in that she liked most foods (or would at least try it) as a baby and toddler. She’s gotten a little more picky now that she’s almost 4 but she’ll still at least try her veggies (and there a few she will just happily eat anyway). But when in doubt, I’ve been able to sneak in her veggies as a sauce or chopped up into a rice or pasta dish. Her younger sis, however, has always been more picky (especially with veggies, sauce, pasta, rice) so it’s hard to get her to eat veggies on their own or snuck into her meals as a sauce or dip for rice, pasta, etc. She also doesn’t get the concept yet of “if you try or eat this veggie, I’ll let you have that treat,” so that isn’t helpful. What’s worked well for your picky kiddos to keep them eating healthy while keeping it from being a battle?