My twins are 8 months and we are 2 months into the swing of BLW. In addition to eating solids at school I try to "dinner" with them each night. I knew going into it that BLW would be a messy endeavor....but I am having trouble keeping up with the mess and am hoping for some tips of the trade from the HB community!!

Any tips on how to manage the mess? I feel like I need to mop nightly - which also seems absurd and unrealistic. The kids are setup on fisher price boosters on top of our dining room (wooden) chairs and we have wood floors. I've noticed that the chairs are taking a beating from either food not getting perfectly cleaned off or the use of wet wipes/too wet paper towels? I try to do a quick wipe on the floor before I take the kids out (DD likes to crawl back over to that zone and investigate if any food was leftover - haha!)

I know that the throwing food on the ground will eventually calm down -- but the end is nowhere in sight as of yet.

Advice? Tips of the trade? I feel silly writing this - but have this gut feeling there is something I am missing and HB is going to open my eyes