I want to go ahead and order a nursing bra or two to have when baby gets here. My best bet is ordering online cause I'm predicted to need a 42F according to being fitted at motherhood and the estimation of my milk coming in. I had a bra that size for my son and I hated the Bra though the size seemed appropriate. I got rid of them cause i hated them and ended up wearing sleep bras for my short nursing period.

Can anyone with large ladies attest to the support/shape? I like that they have removeable foam insert cups. Love that it will cover my nips! I also like that its a 3 hook bra to help smooth out the back!

Just wondering if it will provide some perk and shape with the cups. I'm really struggling to find good shapely bras for 42F and I'm not crazy about underwire. I don't have good fitting pre pregnancy bras either. I'm a SAHM and I broke into my nursing tanks which is what I wear for support around the house now. I just want something to cover the nippage better and a little more shape/lift.

ETA: NO UNDERWIRE! I simply cannot do underwire. I dunno what it is.. but I have tried sooooooooo many bras and it never fails any bra even pre preg dug into me. I have some for special occasions where I'm trying to really make sure my girls look good. But otherwise, I just cannot do underwire. I've given up on it!