After a skin prick test yesterday, we found out that DD (6mo) is allergic to peanuts and eggs -- so far. Blood test is the next step to find out what else.

Here's my confusion. She's EBF, and I eat eeeeverything, including plenty of peanuts (Reese's, yum!) and eggs several times a week. Baby has no reaction to anything. She has mild eczema, but it doesn't really flare up, and it's pretty under control. The doctor said to keep my diet the same. I know so many moms who had to cut things out of their diet for their allergic EBF babies, so what gives?

I'm also kind of in a state of denial about the allergies. No one else in our families has any allergies that we know of, so I was really surprised at the result. I think I just need someone to knock some sense into me and say that even though she's not reacting to anything I'm eating, that that doesn't mean she's not allergic.

ETA: I'm definitely posing this question to the allergist when we go back to him soon, but just wanted to hear from anyone else who might have experience here.