I'm getting a bit desperate here... I'm an exclusive pumping mom since day one (my now 4 month old daughter had a very bad latch). My supply was never high, but up until a few weeks it was always enough, and I could even freeze some excess milk that way. I usually pumped 27-30 oz each day. Unfortunately, something changed (no idea what) and I've been facing a steadily decreasing supply since a couple of weeks, no matter what I do. I went back to 8+ pumps a day, tried power pumping, drinking water and mother milk tea, I've always pumped in the middle of the night, eating oatmeal, taking fenugreek etc etc. I have a double electric hospital grade rental pump and changed all the parts; to no avail. I use breast compression, warmth and massage... but my supply doesn't increase one bit, on the contrary. My daily output is now around 24 oz, a bit less every day. I have to supplement her bottles with my diminishing freezer stash and it won't be long till I have to use formula I'm getting desperate since I wanted to go for at least a year, but now it seems I'd be lucky to last 6 months... I don't really want to take drugs unless I really, really have to. Any ideas or should I just accept the fact that I'm drying up?