Let me start by saying DH feels awful about this and it really was an accident.

DH was watching LO while I was at the dentist and she got hungry. He saw a bottle in the fridge and assumed it was breastmilk and gave it to her. Unfortunately, that was formula that was left over from a feeding this morning. (My supply is low and I've had to supplement with formula every now and then)

She had only taken a couple sips from it so I figured she would want more shortly, and I put it in the fridge, only to forget to dump it out after an hour. DH gave her the rest of that bottle about 6 hours after I had initially tried to give it to her and now I'm totally freaking out, afraid that she's going to get food poisoning from it. I called the pediatrician and she said that she should be ok but to just be on the lookout for any vomitting.

Anyone had anything like this happen? If so, what was the outcome? I need some good news right now - I feel horrible that I didn't throw out the bottle ... because of my laziness, she could potentially have to go to the ER tonight.