My LO is 8 days old. He never had a good latch at the hospital. I almost immediately started pumping my colostrum and giving it to him with the SNS (tube /straw thing). He had low sugar at 16 hrs post birth so was given formula. Then, when I had my anaphylactic reaction at 36 hrs pp, I couldn't even attempt BF bc my eyes were swollen shut for 12 hours. Anyway, the LC inpatient thought it would improve once my milk came in...

Now that we are home, the same problems continue. He won't latch (arches his back, pushes away, or just hovers over my nipple). To stimulate my supply, I began pumping frequently on Sunday. Now my milk is in (21.5 oz pumped yesterday). We have pretty much been feeding him exclusively pumped milk and occasionally trying the breast. This is sooo much easier than trying to coax him onto my nipple.

Should I be pushing the breast more? Or just go with EPing? What do you think? I have the contact info for a LC but it is like $200 for her to see us. I wonder if it is worth it and if she would have good insight

Thanks for the advice bees!