Sorry, this is a bit of a dumb question!

I use playtex drop ins when feeding my baby, with fast nipples. I use both silicone and latex (both are fast). the milk shoots out of the nipple in a constant stream when using the silicone nipple. is this normal? i thought it was air pressure but no matter what I do, it just shoots out in a constant stream. this does not happen when using the latex nipple. in fact, the latex nipple seems to have a much slower flow than the silicone nipple. i might go as far as to say it's a little too slow for my 9 month old, while the shooting stream on the silicone nipple is just WAY too fast.

the nipples are also new, so it's not because they are worn out. just wanted to know if anyone else using playtex drop ins have experienced this. i am wondering if i am setting up the bottle wrong or something?