What are some of your favourite educational Apps?

I just got an iPad for my birthday and have been downloading apps to help our youngest (mostly) learn.

He is in kindergarten but a bit behind in literacy, so we've been working really hard on his alphabet and words and stuff.

So far these are a few of my favourite apps:

Endless Alphabet (FREE):


This app is so incredibly cute. It starts off at A (obviously) but you can pick whatever letter in the alphabet you want. It presents a word and a bunch of cute monsters run by and mess up all the letters. You have to put the letters back in their proper place. Each time you pick up a letter it makes the sound from the word. (ex. E makes a eh eh eheh eh sound.) .

After you complete the word, there is a couple second skit and then a voice explains what the word means!

Agnitus (FREE):


This app grows with your child. As your child successfully works their way through the little games/questions it increases difficulty. This one is great for parents because it makes up a report card so you can see where your child is excelling and where they are struggling. It reaches out to all subjects which is totally great.

I did this one for the first time last night and after we were done our youngest came and asked to "play the fruit game". I told him it was for after he finished his school homework first and it wasn't something he could just do whenever. He then said "please can I? I really want to do homework". hahahaha

I will add more as I come across them. Feel free to add your own favs!