Ok ladies, help me out. After reading reviews, I've pretty much decided I want to go with a Medela pump, but I'm not sure which one.

For free, I can get the Medela Personal Double Electric Breast Pump, which includes a carry case, 2 bottles, 2 shields, tubing and a power pack.

For $44, I can get the Medela Advanced 2 Phase Double Electric Pump. Includes a larger, all in one carry case with built in cooler, 4 bottles, 4 shields, ice packs, tubing, dvd and 2 PHASE Expression Technology (whatever that means).

For $93, I can get the Pump In Style Advanced.

I had planned on getting the PISA, but now I'm not sure I want to pay that much out of pocket for it. Is it worth it?

Here's a link to the company I'm ordering from, that has more information about each pump: http://www.bairdmedical.com/Catalog/Online-Catalog-Category/13624/Breast-Pumps