I'm thinking about having an additional child join us. I currently SAH with my B/G twins who are 14 months, and I am a certified teacher with 10 years experience in preschool-3rd grade. I also was a director for a large childcare center in the area.
We just moved into a new home in the Seattle suburbs and are working to get licensed, but this is a looong process and will take several months. We do, however, meet all licensing requirements. It's just a question of getting the piece of paper and attending the state-required orientation, which has a waiting list for enrollment. Sigh!

So...a few questions...
1) Would you consider having your child in a SAHM/daycare situation where the Mom already had twins? Would you trust that your child would be as well-loved and well-taken care of?
2) What would you look for in a home daycare situation?
3) How about outings/field trips? Would you be comfortable having me drive your children to the zoo/park/etc.? (I have a CDL, a clean record, and drove a large school bus in college!)
4) What would you be willing to pay? Would you expect to have all meals/snacks/bottles/activities paid for?

Thanks for your input!