DS will turn 1 in about 2 weeks. We have his 1 year appointment in 3 weeks . I know my Doctor will recommend what to do, but I wanted to hear how other mama's handled it as well.

DS currently drinks about 20oz formula throughout the day, 3 meals (sometimes eats a lot, other times not as interested) and random snacks. He drinks from a bottle SO SLOWLY and always has. He typically will chug 4oz right when he wakes up and another 2-4oz before 1st nap. The rest of the day, he typically only takes 1-3oz at a time and then gets distracted and wants to play. He'll want more like an hour later. I am home with him and it's not really a big deal in my eyes. He's just a snacker

How did you go about starting cow's milk and stopping bottles? Slowly? Switch to milk first? Switch to sippy cup first? Switch one bottle at a time? Cold turkey? I'm so confused as to how to go about this. Any advice?