I woke up this morning and found our Giuliana Rancic has breast cancer. As many of you know, she's had a very public journey towards getting pregnant with a couple of failed attempts at conceiving via IVF.

Regardless of our personal feelings towards her as a TV personality, she apparently found out while prepping for their 3rd round of IVF. In her interview this morning where she disclosed her breast cancer, she said she absolutely still wants that baby, and once the cancer is cleared, they would try again.

Given there are links to fertility treatments and the acceleration of pre-existing cancer in some individuals, some are shocked she would consider pumping more hormones into her body, or getting pregnant.

Just curious to get people's thoughts on this matter. If you were in this situation, how far would you go to get pregnant? What are your beliefs (medically, in general) and where would you draw the line, if at all?