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I can't hide it anymore...I got a BFP!!!!

  1. Honeybee

    pomelo / 5178 posts

    I know I already congratulated you, but I'm so excited!!!! Congrats again, momma!

  2. sulli301

    pear / 1764 posts

    @Honeybee: thank you!! I am really really excited for all the December mommas!! It is SUCH a relief to have told all of you because it is driving me NUTS to not tell anyone else!! I've gotta stay strong lol

  3. Honeybee

    pomelo / 5178 posts

    @ Sulli - A lot of second time moms show early, too. We didn't tell anyone until I was 11+ weeks with DS, but I swear I popped at like 6 weeks! It was so much harder to keep it a secret, the second time around.

  4. sulli301

    pear / 1764 posts

    @Honeybee: I am nervous about that too!! I am only 4 weeks 3 days right now & I feel like it's a LONG time to hide it. I think we can wait to tell our parents until Mother's Day & maybe some close family but they will have strict instructions to not be posting it on facebook or telling the world!

  5. Crisark

    pomegranate / 3398 posts


  6. twodoghouse

    honeydew / 7230 posts

    Yay, congrats!!

  7. Honeybee

    pomelo / 5178 posts

    @ Sulli - Lol, when we finally announced with DS, almost everyone said they could already tell I was pregnant! I have a picture of us on vacation at 8 or 9 weeks, and I was very obviously pregnant. It's crazy how fast it happens, the second time around!

  8. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    Yay!!! congratulations!! how exciting! and how busy you will be :):)

  9. sulli301

    pear / 1764 posts

    @Crisark: @twodoghouse: thank you!!!

    @Honeybee: haha!! Ah! I am hoping that my body doesn't forget labor & that goes easier lol

  10. Honeybee

    pomelo / 5178 posts

    @ Sulli - Lol! The good thing is, you already know what it's like! Even though DD and DS's labors were really similar, I do think it was easier with DS, simply because I knew what o expect.

  11. sulli301

    pear / 1764 posts

    @miss-spunkin: thank you!! Ohhhh yes! DD already keeps me busy & by the time my due date rolls around she will be almost 20 months!

    @Honeybee: very true! I feel much more prepared for certain things this time around...hopefully I don't psych myself out

  12. Honeybee

    pomelo / 5178 posts

    @sulli301: Ah, you're gonna be fine. Now that you how incredible the end result is, you'll be able to get through anything!

  13. sulli301

    pear / 1764 posts

    @Honeybee: Thank you. So true!! Are you ready for THREE?!?!

  14. Honeybee

    pomelo / 5178 posts

    @ Sulli - DS is only one month, but we'll definitely have a third. We'll start trying when DS is about a year... so next summer! At this point, the question is really whethert we'll have a fourth, lol.

  15. sulli301

    pear / 1764 posts

    @Honeybee: gotcha I am pretty sure this is my last pregnancy, & that idea already makes me sad!!

  16. Sweet T

    pomelo / 5321 posts


  17. chopsuey

    hostess / wonderful honeydew / 32460 posts

    @sulli301: Aww. Go for 3! My DH has baby fever. Last night he said he wanted 4. -.-

  18. banana

    coconut / 8299 posts

    Congrats! I can't take this! Two BFPs today! yay!

  19. Honeybee

    pomelo / 5178 posts

    @sulli301: Just thinking that the next one may be our last makes me sad... Babies are such little joys.

  20. LuLu Mom

    GOLD / wonderful olive / 19030 posts


  21. Andrea

    GOLD / wonderful coffee bean / 18478 posts

    @sulli301: aww, I am sure she is ok to share. Hehe. You are so sweet to worry!

  22. Jumpingjacks

    apricot / 426 posts


  23. BoogieBea

    pomegranate / 3503 posts

    Congrats! So much exciting news today!

  24. BabyBoecksMom

    GOLD / papaya / 10166 posts

    Congrats to you - how exciting!

  25. sulli301

    pear / 1764 posts

    @Sweet T: @banana: @jessiejo17: @Jumpingjacks: @BoogieBea: @BabyBoecksMom: thank you ladies!!!

    @Andrea: hehe well thanks

    @chopsuey119: Ahhh! Maybe if this is multiples or we stumble upon millions & millions ;P

    @Honeybee: yes they are!!

  26. StbHisMrs

    pomegranate / 3329 posts

    Congratulations, so exciting They'll be so close and so much fun!!

  27. Mrsbells

    squash / 13199 posts


  28. Baby Boy Mom

    pomegranate / 3983 posts


  29. arielle9510

    cherry / 220 posts

    Very exciting! Congrats!

  30. lavender

    grapefruit / 4554 posts

    Exciting, congrats!

  31. sandy

    cantaloupe / 6687 posts


  32. mrs. wagon

    blogger / watermelon / 14218 posts

    So late, but CONGRATS!!! YAYYYY!!!

  33. sulli301

    pear / 1764 posts

    @StbHisMrs: @Mrsbells: @Baby Boy Mom: @arielle9510: @crash806: @sandy: @mrs. wagon: THANK YOU We are SO happy!!

  34. SAHM0811

    grapefruit / 4049 posts

    Wow so exciting! congrats!

  35. SugarplumsMom

    bananas / 9227 posts

    Yay! Congrats!

  36. His Barista

    kiwi / 545 posts

    Congrats dear!

  37. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts


  38. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts


  39. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    I know I already told you this a million times but I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations again and again!

  40. PBandBaseball

    clementine / 861 posts

    Congratulations!! I'm glad you're getting your 2 under 2 wish!!

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