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I'm further along than I thought and these twins might be here tonight!!!

  1. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    Good luck mama! This is so exciting!

  2. MrsStar

    nectarine / 2994 posts

    Good luck!

  3. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    Good luck!!

  4. NovBaby1112

    grapefruit / 4066 posts

    Good luck!!! Can't wait to see your little ones!!

  5. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    I'm getting uncomfortable contractions but still breathing and talking through them normally. Pitocin is at set at 10. Nurse said she'll keep it at 10 since my contractions on the monitor seem regular. I was able to sleep for about 1 hr and a half.

  6. MrsRcCar

    grapefruit / 4712 posts

    @bluestriped bee: thinking about you!!

  7. Ginabean3

    pomegranate / 3401 posts

    Good luck! Thinking of you!

  8. twodoghouse

    honeydew / 7230 posts

    @bluestriped bee: Sounds great! Have you been checked lately? Are you allowed to walk around? I hope things keep going well!

  9. pregnantbee

    grapefruit / 4717 posts

    So exciting!! Thinking of you.

  10. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    Great job!! Keep it up!

  11. QueensBee

    pear / 1718 posts

    Thinking of you!

  12. FaithFertility

    eggplant / 11861 posts

    Prayers for you and those babes

  13. Mrs.KMM

    grapefruit / 4355 posts

    Yay! I've been on the road all day but so happy to see your updates!

  14. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    So they just checked me and I'm at 6 cm and I'm still talking and breathing normally through the contractions. They said I'm handling the pitocin really well and that if I was having one baby that I could possibly deliver without an epidural. I will probably get the epidural so I don't miss the window. (For my records, it is 5pm PST now and I started the pitocin at noon. Took a 1.5-2 hr nap around 2pm and woke up around 4pm with uncomfortable contractions but able to talk and breath through them. I was checked at around 5pm and I'm at 6cm.)

    @twodoghouse: They said that if I want to walk around I can. I'm still play in bed for now.

  15. twodoghouse

    honeydew / 7230 posts

    @bluestriped bee: Nice to have that option to walk around! You're doing awesome!!

  16. Torchwood

    pomelo / 5607 posts

    @bluestriped bee: I'm impressed! I was at a 6 when I got to the hospital, and I was NOT talking through them! And I wasn't on pitocin. Hope it keeps going well!

  17. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    So spoke to the Dr and she thinks I should get the epidural soon so I don't miss the window to get it. They think I'll have the epidural in by 6pm EST.

    We are making guesses. I said we'll have the babies at 11:07p. DH said 10:24p. Doula says 11:22p.

  18. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    Oh wow!!! Good luck!

  19. mrsrain

    nectarine / 2115 posts

    So exciting!! Good luck, mama! Can't wait to hear that your little ones have arrived!

  20. oliviaoblivia

    pineapple / 12793 posts

    You're doing great! Keep it up mama!

  21. BoogieBea

    pomegranate / 3503 posts

    Yay! So exciting! You're doing so great!

  22. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    @bluestriped bee: glad everything is going so well!

  23. pregnantbee

    grapefruit / 4717 posts

    Keep up the great work!

  24. Mrs. Bee

    admin / watermelon / 14210 posts

    good luck!!!!!

  25. CarrieLouWho

    persimmon / 1408 posts

    Way to go!!!

  26. BandDmommy

    pomelo / 5660 posts

    @bluestriped bee: yay!!

  27. MrsF

    honeydew / 7283 posts

    So exciting! Thinking of you all!

  28. MrsLonghorn

    clementine / 806 posts

    go momma go!!! you're doing awesome, and these updates are so fun to read

  29. jh524

    pear / 1632 posts

    You are amazing !!! Good luck

  30. Pancakes

    nectarine / 2180 posts

    @bluestriped bee: I've been thinking about you. So excited for you to meet your babies tonight!

  31. Rocker2014

    persimmon / 1367 posts

  32. BadgerMom

    persimmon / 1385 posts

  33. blackbird

    wonderful grape / 20453 posts

    Woohoo!!! Good luck!

  34. winniebee

    hostess / wonderful grape / 20803 posts


  35. ALV91711

    pomelo / 5621 posts

    How exciting. I'll be thinking of you tonight

  36. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    So excited. I'm glad that you got to rest for awhile. Good luck with the rest of your labour. Wishing you a smooth delivery, and enjoyable first hours with your little babes.

  37. Trailmix

    nectarine / 2152 posts

    Good luck!!

  38. mamabolt

    nectarine / 2797 posts

    @bluestriped bee: go mama go!

  39. Applesandbananas

    pomegranate / 3845 posts

    Good luck!

  40. Mrs. Champagne

    coconut / 8483 posts

    Good luck!!

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